2021 Awards

2021 ASEE-GSW Section Awards

The 2021 ASEE-GSW Section Virtual Annual Meeting

Hosted by the Baylor University, Waco, Texas


Person Mile Award:

Not awarded – No travel—Virtual conference


Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr. Anne Spence, Baylor University ($500)


Outstanding Young Faculty Award:

Dr. Adeeba Raheem, University of Texas-El Paso ($500)


Outstanding GSW Section Service Award:

Lynn Peterson, University of Texas-Arlington ($500)


Outstanding Campus Representative Award

Dr. Amir Karimi, University of Texas -San Antonio (Certificate)


Best Paper Awards


Faculty/Staff Paper Awards:

1st Place: ($300)

David Joseph Ewing, University of Texas-Arlington, “Evaluation of a Peer-Led Team Learning Course Designed to Increase Underprepared Students Success in Engineering”


2nd Place ($200)

Joseph Donndelinger, Adam Weaver, and James Carlton Bates, “Timothy Russell, Baylor University, “Automating Project Team Formation with Heterogeneous Project Preferences and Skill Mix Constraints”


3rd Place ($100)

Tracy Hammond, Karan Watson, Samantha Ray, Robert Lightfoot, Shawna Thomas, and Drew Casey, Texas A&M University, “The Development of a Texas A&M University Faculty of Engineering Education”


Undergraduate Student Paper Awards:

1st Place ($300)

Matilda Ho, Casey Hatfield, and Jieun Kim, University of Texas-Dallas, “Taking Control of Control Systems: A Student Developed, Multimedia and Simulation Tool for Control Systems Education”


2nd Place ($200):

Lorena I. Velásquez, Jett Emms, and Curtis O’Malley, New Mexico Inst. Of Mining and Tech., “Delivering Hands-On Introductory Design Experiences in a Hybrid Curriculum”


3rd Place ($100):

Carolyn Fulton, Brian P. Bernard, Schreiner University, and Brian P. Mann, Duke University, “An Improved Magnetically Bi-stable Piezoelectric Energy Harvester”



Graduate Student Paper Awards:

1st Place ($300)

Monikka M. Mann and George Tan, Texas Tech University, “Recent Strategies for Improving Undergraduate Engineering Education: A Review”


2nd Place ($200)

Andres Enriquez Fernandez, Louis J. Everett, and Miguel Cedeno, University of Texas-El Paso, “UAV Parameter Estimation Through Machine Learning”


3rd Place ($100)

Prasanna V. Kothalkar, John H. L. Hansen (University of Texas-Dallas), Dwight Irvin, Jay Buzhardt (University of Kansas), Beth S. Rous (University of Kentucky), “Child vs Adult Speaker Diarization of Naturalistic Audio Recordings in Preschool Environment Using Deep Neural Networks”