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2020 – University of New Mexico (Tariq Khraishi) –

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Thanks to the University of Texas at Tyler and Dr. Michael McGinnis for hosting the 2019 GSW Conference!

Congratulations to our award winners:

Faculty Papers:

  1. Supplemental Instruction and Just-in-Time Tutoring: The Who, When, and Why Students Attend in a First Year Engineering Course, David Ewing, Catherine Unite, Christine Miller and Cedric Shelby
  2. Lean Concepts for Teaching Improvement: A Case of Metallography Experiment, Hung-Da Wan, Nihal Nethada and Madhavrao Govindaraju
  3. Exploring Paradigms: Leadership Development for Engineers Using the Engineering Skill Set, B. Michael Aucoin

Student Papers:

  1. The Use of Polymeric Coatings for Anticoagulation on Implantable Medical Devices, Aaron Wilson, Alexandra Craig, Pierre Neuenschwander and Shih-Feng Chou
  2. Development and Analysis of a Control Architecture for a Laboratory-Scale, Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Samuel Ogletree, M. A. Rafe Biswas, Chung Hyun Goh, Kelvin Lim, Jared Reynolds, Andrew Hughes and Michael Mahaffey
  3. Modernization of Curriculum for the Undergraduate Digital Systems Course, Brolyne Onyango, Hector Ochoa and Mukul Shirvaikar

Student Poster Competition:

  1. Design and Optimization of Acoustic Metamaterials for Noise Reduction, Vinicio Hadlich and Tahsin Khajah
  2. Machine Learning Techniques in the Area of Neuroimaging Segmentation, Kevin Scholtes, Mordechai Alpert, Martin Komm, Ivette Resendiz and Nathan Kracko
  3. Electrospinning of Polyester Fibers for Sustained Drug Delivery, Sarju Poudel and Shih-Feng Chou
  4. Medical device for quantifying vocal fold stiffness in-vivo, Vangelina Osteguin, Melanie Foster, Divya Kamnani, Natalia Rafiq, Teja Guda and Gregory Dion
  5. Factors affecting pavement smoothness (A Study of California’s Pavements), Alisha Khanal and Mena Souliman

Past and Future Meeting Locations

  • 2022 – available
  • 2021 – Baylor University
  • 2020 – University of New Mexico (Tariq Khraishi) –
  • 2019 – University of Texas at Tyler (Michael McGinnis) –
  • 2018 – University of Texas at Austin (Ron Barr) –
  • 2017 – University of Texas at Dallas (Robert Hart) –
  • 2016 – Texas Christian University (Stathis Micahaelides)
  • 2015 – University of Texas at San Antonio (Randall D. Manteufel)
  • 2014 – Tulane University (Damir Khismatullin)
  • 2013 – University of Texas Arlington (Lynn Peterson)
  • 2012 – University of Texas at El Paso (Arun Pennathur)
  • 2011 – University of Houston (Farrokh Attarzedeh)
  • 2010 – McNeese State University (Nikos Kiritsis)