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Thanks to Baylor University and Dr. Kenneth W. Van Treuren for hosting the virtual 2021 GSW Conference!

Congratulations to the following award winners!

Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr. Anne Spence, Baylor University

Outstanding Young Faculty Award:

Dr. Adeeba Raheem, University of Texas-El Paso

Outstanding GSW Section Service Award:

Lynn Peterson, University of Texas-Arlington

Outstanding Campus Representative Award

Dr. Amir Karimi, University of Texas -San Antonio

Best Paper Awards

Faculty/Staff Paper Awards:

1st Place

David Joseph Ewing, University of Texas-Arlington, “Evaluation of a Peer-Led Team Learning Course Designed to Increase Underprepared Students Success in Engineering”

2nd Place

Joseph Donndelinger, Adam Weaver, and James Carlton Bates, “Timothy Russell, Baylor University, “Automating Project Team Formation with Heterogeneous Project Preferences and Skill Mix Constraints”

3rd Place

Tracy Hammond, Karan Watson, Samantha Ray, Robert Lightfoot, Shawna Thomas, and Drew Casey, Texas A&M University, “The Development of a Texas A&M University Faculty of Engineering Education”

Undergraduate Student Paper Awards:

1st Place

Matilda Ho, Casey Hatfield, and Jieun Kim, University of Texas-Dallas, “Taking Control of Control Systems: A Student Developed, Multimedia and Simulation Tool for Control Systems Education”

2nd Place

Lorena I. Velásquez, Jett Emms, and Curtis O’Malley, New Mexico Inst. Of Mining and Tech., “Delivering Hands-On Introductory Design Experiences in a Hybrid Curriculum”

3rd Place 

Carolyn Fulton, Brian P. Bernard, Schreiner University, and Brian P. Mann, Duke University, “An Improved Magnetically Bi-stable Piezoelectric Energy Harvester”


Graduate Student Paper Awards:

1st Place

Monikka M. Mann and George Tan, Texas Tech University, “Recent Strategies for Improving Undergraduate Engineering Education: A Review”

2nd Place

Andres Enriquez Fernandez, Louis J. Everett, and Miguel Cedeno, University of Texas-El Paso, “UAV Parameter Estimation Through Machine Learning”

3rd Place

Prasanna V. Kothalkar, John H. L. Hansen (University of Texas-Dallas), Dwight Irvin, Jay Buzhardt (University of Kansas), Beth S. Rous (University of Kentucky), “Child vs Adult Speaker Diarization of Naturalistic Audio Recordings in Preschool Environment Using Deep Neural Networks”